Valdymo politika

We view our management policy as an all-encompassing tool to ensure the market leadership of our products. It is our aim to achieve the highest possible degree of profitability, productivity and efficiency coupled with sustainability and optimum use of resources at all levels:

We are committed to maximum customer focus and continually promote quality and environmental awareness among all our staff by conducting training courses and providing information. The aim is to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the impact on the environment as well as on health and safety.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of our customers and to continuous improvement in all areas (quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, health and safety, costs, technology and delivery reliability).

We plan, monitor, evaluate and conduct all processes in a systematic and controlled manner and improve them on a continuous basis.

We define and monitor measurable targets for quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and health and safety within the company.

We implement the zero defect strategy (defect prevention as opposed to defect discovery).

We recognise good performance - with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of our employees.

We manufacture our products taking full responsibility for the environment and society and in accordance with the applicable standards and legal provisions.

We integrate environmental protection, energy efficiency and health and safety in all our processes and also convey the great sense of responsibility we feel for environmentally friendly and energy efficient corporate governance to our business partners.

Peter Wilhelm Borbet