Sustainability has always been our impulse. Also for your interest we have always emphasized on making our production as environmentally friendly as possible and will continue with this conception. In an increasingly globalised world, there is potential everywhere to act sustainably, and we commit to actively seek out and implement both big and small improvements wherever possible. As a metal processing company we will take responsibility for our energy consume and all other resources, to ensure that we use them sparingly and responsibly. Even if you are already doing well, there is always room for improvement! Also in future we will work on identifying further areas for potential savings, and do our bit for the climate and environment protection. This also applies to our supply chain.

A respectful intercourse with human and nature.

Code of Conduct
For BORBET as an international company human rights and environment protection have top-ranking. Both are necessary for a good cooperation with customers, own employees and suppliers. With a Code of Conduct we reveal this position. Starting with the compliance of antitrust and competition laws and anti- corruption through to exemplary security standards at the working place. But also a maximum of resource efficiency belongs to our daily respected principles.

Special appreciation of all employees.

Our employees make their daily contribution to the success of BORBET and the respect for international recognized human rights is the base of our business relations. On this basis, we do not tolerate child or forced labour, nor do we tolerate any kind of discrimination, including our partners and suppliers. Quite the contrary: we want to limit demand to a reasonable level and carefully make sure that the needs of every individual are considered and their skills are personally supported. Furthermore, we offer fair salaries which reflect employee performance, and we invest in training and development. The health and safety of our employees is embedded into all of our operational procedures, which has also led us to create an integrated health management system. Additionally, we ensure that hazards in each department are analysed and safety inspections are carried out. The continually improving health of our employees and steep reduction in the number and severity of accidents speak for themselves.

BORBET is a socially responsible company.

We get involved at a local level, with “Together for the region” as our motto; we do this out of a sense of community spirit and personal belief in people, groups, institutions, projects and activities that are close to our hearts as well as to our employees at all locations – always with one target: we will make a contribution every day, not just to the automotive industry, but also to make lifelong dreams become a reality.

Lived environmental protection is part of our daily working practices.

Especially a metal processing company like BORBET can do a lot for the environment. Our goal is to reduce air pollutant emissions, minimise energy use, safely manage hazardous materials, and properly sort and dispose of waste. Using resources effectively and avoiding waste are key to achieving these objectives. That’s why recycling of aluminium – our most important material – takes place in our own facilities at 100%, without any loss in quality. We can also save on materials by reducing target wheel weights through various innovations and technical processes such as FlowForming and Undercut. Furthermore, we want to minimise the use of water and paper at all sites and offices. It is important to us that our employees are aware of these issues so that we can achieve our objectives together.